Make Me a Legon by Chuck Balsamo

Make Me a Legon by Chuck Balsamo


Is your hand up?

Make Me a Legend predicts the rise of an emergent legend tribe. More than a prediction, it’s a "save the world" manual for today -and the invitation of lifetime!

If you knew your life was almost over, would you draft a farewell to your beloved survivors? Although the author’s time isn’t almost over, he chose to write a farewell message to those he loves-his family and you.

He studied people’s dreams and forecasted their biggest obstacles, and then sealed his imperative lessons in Make Me a Legend. If you follow Chuck’s fearless lead, you will dream bigger, live bolder, and make a large and lasting difference your legendary life will echo in eternity, whether your days are few or many!

In this "save the world" manual, you will become empowered beyond your wildest expectations as you learn to:

Clarify your God-sized dream.
Build your extravagant foundation.
Attract the right mentors, peers, and apprentices.
Become undomesticated, wild, and free to live at the highest level!
Now you can be a legend in your own family, community, and nation. You can live and be remembered as a selfless, sacrificing, and legacy-driven generation. You can grant your dearly loved survivors a new world that is remarkably preserved in a spirit of innocence and free of godlessness, immorality, and ruin. It’s very nice to meet you, welcome to the tribe and the great adventure!

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