Just Believe By Tracy J Trost

Just Believe By Tracy J Trost



Are those who achieve great position, wealth and unlimited success in life lucky, or are there key principles that they use to obtain success?

This is the story of Stanley Walters, a man lost and without hope due to a tragic event that thrusts him into deep depression. Just when he thought his life was over, he is visited by a mysterious messenger who challenges him with a statement that starts him on a journey to discover its truth.

If you are traveling through life like a ship tossed at sea looking for direction, Stanley's story is your lighthouse, guiding you to a brighter future. The principles contained in this book are not get rich quick schemes, but rather, time tested actionable habits that you can form to put your life back on the path to success.

The question is yours to answer... Are you willing to Just Believe?

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