The Prophetic Revelation of Haggai by MK Komi

The Prophetic Revelation of Haggai by MK Komi


God’s plan and commission can not be altered by humankind’s delay. This is not a time to sleep in passivity and convenience, but a time to build God’s Kingdom.

The Prophetic Revelation of Haggai is a prophetic in-depth discussion of the Book of Haggai—a message that also addresses the current condition of the present Church. In the same manner that God awakened His people then who were slumbering regarding the mandate to build His house and promised them a surpassing measure of His glory that would follow, the author believes that another awakening call is needed today.

Now therefore, thus says the Lord of hosts: “Consider your ways! You have sown much, and bring in little; you eat, but do not have enough; you drink, but you are not filled with drink; you clothe yourselves, but no one is warm; and he who earns wages, earns wages to put into a bag with holes” (Haggai 1:5-6 NKJV).

The Prophetic Revelation of Haggai is a perfect illustration of how God’s Word is still relevant and necessary for believers today to understand—it also shows the importance of every book in the Bible, even less well-known ones such as Haggai.

You will discover your uniqueness in Christ and become effective in serving Him. Because of the anointing, uniqueness, and genuineness of the revelations presented, you will be awakened and empowered through the fresh fire of God’s mercy and grace.

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